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Preventing a Disaster in your Community.

Hurricanes in February? Not likely. But it is important to discuss and inform your transient owners who are here during these months about Disaster Preparation. Take a few minutes to do a small workshop and touch on some key items: * Absentee owners need to have a contact person to install and remove storm shutters. *If in a condo/high-rise ensure keys are available or accessibility is given to management. *Contact information for owners is current. *A Link or Web address for owners to receive information who are not in the area. *Owners leaving for the summer must clear Grills, Patio furniture or other items that might be projectile during a storm. *If on a ground floor place valuables on higher ground. *Insurance papers should be taken with them. Most importantly check adequate insurance coverage prior to an impending storm. *Have a contact person to assess the property once the storm has passed. These are just a few things to educate your owners on prior to them leaving for the summer and hopefully alleviate their minds and yours.

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