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Our Goal: 

Divine Association Management Company was formed to provide higher level of EXCELLENCE and PROFESSIONALISM in the association industry.

What Can you Expect

  • Attend and coordinate community-related meetings, including Board of Directors, Annual Members and Budget Meetings,  and preparation of all related and/or required meeting notices and minutes.


  • Manage and procure services to the community by outside vendors, including all related financial activities, such as payment of vendor invoices, budget review  and preparation of periodic financial statements, administer vendor relationships, ensure contractual obligation and highest level of service will be delivered.  


  • Manage and implement appropriate preventive maintenance programs, including property improvement projects for proper upkeep and enhancement of all Association property.


  • Spearhead major projects such as Road resurface/sealing, Roof Replacement/Tree Re-Landscaping including liaison with local municipalities, planning and zoning departments to name a few.


  • Assist Associations and its Board of Directors in maintaining ongoing compliance with federal, state, and local statutes and regulations as well as the Association’s governing documents, and maintaining a line of communications with the Association’s legal counsel.


  • Prepare and provide periodic management reports to the Board of Directors.


  • Oversee insurance programs for each property, work in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the Association’s insurance broker or adviser.


  • Make recommendations to the Board, where appropriate, on matters relating to the operation of the community, including community operations and governance.


  • Provide guidance to the Association regarding emergency procedures and communications.


  • Maintain the Association’s Fact Sheet with accurate and current information.

Licensed Community Association Manager 

Onsite Or Portfolio Management Available

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