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Spring Break Rental

SPRING BREAK IS NEXT MONTH! Airbnb VRBO and Short Term Rentals are usually the first source for many young, middle (myself) and young at heart when looking to travel. But for those who live in a HOA or Condo these can become a nightmare...Or Can they?

Here are some tips to Make it a Happy Medium for All:

1- HOA/Condos have specific rules on short term rentals within the documents. As a board member these should be enforced. If short term rentals are allowed work with your owners, remember these types of rentals are a good source of income for owners struggling to pay mortgages or monthly dues. 

2-Nuisance Restrictions-This is also a provision that can be found in governing documents. Put owners who are leasing on notice of this provision so those living year round can welcome your guest. Educate all parties on Rules & Regulations before move in. 

3-Guest Screening-If allowed within your documents require guest to be screened and/or registered so the Condo HOA is aware how many guest are in the units and wondering within your community.  Safety First!

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